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Instrument Washer


Instrument washers are the core of any decontamination department. Memtec has serviced many brands of decontamination and disinfection equipment. Steris 333, 444, Synergy and Hamo Getinge 8666, Steelco washers and many more. We are an authorized dealer / distributor for Steelco which offers the widest range of washer/disinfectors, from table top to 15 basket capacity. Today’s [...]

Cart Washers


Steelco cart washers offer the best in design for your facility. Peaked roofs eliminate drips on personal and carts. Tilting of carts removes pooling of water. Washing is done on all sides, bottom and top. The cart washer is able to reach 193 degrees to self disinfect, or have a rack that can be used [...]

Scope Washers

Steelco EW2

Steelco’s flexible endoscope processing system provides the most complete system for cleaning and drying endoscopes, while making the department safer and more productive. No other department processes dirty items in a room that includes clean items. The flow is dirty to clean, with a barrier. Steelco’s EW2 is a pass-through machine that automatically cleans any [...]