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Welcome to MemtecServices.com the official website of Memtec Services, Inc.

“Proudly serving our customers since 1992”

Our business philosophy is simple: “Provide outstanding service that exceeds our customer’s expectation…at a reasonable price”

Memtec is the region’s largest independent service and sales company specializing in sterile processing and operating room equipment for Surgical Centers, Independent Hospitals and Large Multi-Facility Health Systems.

Our service network provides 24×7 service to facilities located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Memtec has earned a solid reputation for providing outstanding equipment service, new product sales, customer support and consistently delivering these services at a cost savings to our customers. 


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Equipment Services

Memtec Services Equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • 24×7 Emergency Repairs
  • Custom Service Contracts
  • Reconditioned / Pre-Owned Equipment Sales
  • New Equipment & Part Sales
  • Equipment Installation & Removal
  • Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning

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Instrument Processing Solutions

Health Lab Products Logo

Enzymatic Cleaners, Detergents and Solutions used in washer- decontaminators, sonic cleaners and sinks. For more information Please visit: www.healthlabproducts.com

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Recondition / Pre-owned Equipment

Refurbished & Reconditioned

Memtec offers a wide range of reconditioned/pre-owned equipment including ALL major brands of sterilizers, surgical lights, tables, warmers, etc…  ALL of the equipment sold by Memtec comes with “AS NEW” warranties and are guaranteed to operate to OEM operating specifications.  ALL Sterilizers shells are covered with a  shell warranty.

If you are replacing an existing piece of equipment, expanding departments or have a new building project, we can help satisfy your equipment needs and save 50% to 60%.

We welcome the opportunity to review your equipment list to see where we can help you reduce costs.

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Instrument Washer


Instrument washers are the core of any decontamination department. Memtec has serviced many brands of decontamination and disinfection equipment. Steris 333, 444, Synergy and Hamo Getinge 8666, Steelco washers and many more. We are an authorized dealer / distributor for Steelco which offers the widest range of washer/disinfectors, from table top to 15 basket capacity. Today’s washer needs to be more than just a washer. It needs to be energy efficient and conserve water. Our washers offer these. Automation is available with our large washers to boost productivity and reduce handling in large SPD settings.

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Cart Washers


Steelco cart washers offer the best in design for your facility. Peaked roofs eliminate drips on personal and carts. Tilting of carts removes pooling of water. Washing is done on all sides, bottom and top. The cart washer is able to reach 193 degrees to self disinfect, or have a rack that can be used as a large volume instrument washer. We have two models- our standard two cart, in two lengths, and a one cart for smaller facilities.

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Scope Washers

Steelco EW2

Steelco’s flexible endoscope processing system provides the most complete system for cleaning and drying endoscopes, while making the department safer and more productive. No other department processes dirty items in a room that includes clean items. The flow is dirty to clean, with a barrier. Steelco’s EW2 is a pass-through machine that automatically cleans any flexible scope. Two scopes are processed at a time, providing high volume throughput in a 30 minute cycle. The dryer handles 8 scopes at a time and communicates with the EW2, making sure any scope going into the dryer has been through the EW2.

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Scrub Sinks

Scrub Sinks

Memtec offers a variety of scrub sinks including Mac Medical.

Contact MEMTEC Services today for more details on our full inventory of scrub sinks for your medical facility. 1-888-429-3839

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Warming Cabinets

Warming Cabinets

Memtec Services Offers Mac Medical Warming Cabinets / Blanket Warmers. Mac Medical warming cabinets undergo stringent testing procedures during the manufacturing process to assure long life, the highest quality and accurate temperature settings.

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Operating Room Lights & Booms


Memtec offers Operating Room Light and Boom repair service and preventative maintenance programs. Our qualified technicians have specialized training and hands-on experience with all major brand OR Lights and Booms.

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Surgical Tables


We service and sell many brands of surgical tables. MizuhOSI * Berchtold * Skytron * Future Health Concepts.

Ask one of our representatives for more information.


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Sterilization Equipment Repair/Service Please Call: 1-888-429-3839


We Service all major brand(s) of Sterilizers including: Steris/Amsco * Castle/Getinge * Primus * Belimed and more!

Memtec has over 20 years experience servicing ETO, Steam, and other Low Temperature sterilization equipment. Combined with a full line of repair and preventive maintenance parts ourField Service Technicians can many times repair your equipment within 24hrs. of the initial service call.

 For Sterilizer Repair/Service Please Call: 1-888-429-3839

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Primus Sterilizers


We are factory trained service representative for Primus Sterilizers.

We stock a full line of Service and Repair parts for all Primus sterilizers.

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Steris / Amsco Sterilizers

Steris Century Small II

Steris/Amsco Century 16″ 20″ * Century Medium * Amsco Stage II & III * System 1.

We stock a full line of Service and Repair parts for all Steris sterilizers.

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Castle / Getinge Sterilizers

Getinge Sterilizer

Castle / Getinge 3500 * 133/233 *400/500 Series

We stock a full line of Service and Repair parts for all Castle/Getinge sterilizers.

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